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For its location was always a commercial city, that was in hands of Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. It was not until the eighth century when he acquired his present name of Assilah, before formerly Arcilah.
The walls that surround the city are of the fifteenth century.
The medina with narrow and clean streets with white houses and walls decorated with murals.
In the oriel, by the sea, is the Muslim cemetery and the mausoleum of Sidi Ahmed El Mansur.
The fishing port, in present reform, supplies of great part of the fish that is consumed in the town, being able to see the free sale of this product at dusk, when the boats return. Today one of the main economic income is tourism.
The Medina is walled and consists of four main doors. Within it are the oldest houses, many of which are in the process of restoration or have already been, as is the case of the Riad Assilah.
In the streets of the Medina you can find all the necessary trade to buy food, clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts, currency exchange etc ...


Chefchaouen is a village of bluish tones located in the mountains of the Rif, at the north of Morocco. You can get there from Tanger in the direction to Tetouan or on the Mediterranean coast from Ceuta to Tetouan, then go inside by the mountain road that will take you to this typical village known internationally.
One of the most beautiful cities of Morocco. Chefchaouen was founded in 1741 means (in Berber) the horns, alluding directly to the two mountains that envelop it.
Chefchaouen consists of two parts; A more modern and the medina, which is the heart of the city where it develops the local life and commerce but above all it is the tourist area with its hundreds of shops and bazaars

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